A year goes by

August 2, 2017

It's crazy to think that it has been a year since we released our album, Summer Rain. This year went by so fast. Not much has been happening in the Grey Harbor universe since then. A big cool-down period and lots of life adjustments have happened. I'm really excited to begin working on the next chapter of this musical journey. I think whatever lies ahead will outshine anything I've created in the past, and that thought alone is getting me motivated to begin working on it.

On that note, the more that people share our music, the more it helps us. Even if you are putting it up on The Pirate Bay or selling CDs of it on the street, thank you for helping our music reach others. That's really all we care about in the end. For those that go the extra mile and support us by purchasing the music, props to you. It means a lot, truly.

Thanks all, and stay tuned for some new stuff soon!

• Brad